Guo Chuan Thiang

Assistant Professor

Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research

Peking University

[email: guochuanthiang (at) bicmr (dot) pku (dot) edu (dot) cn ]

[Office: 81-105]


Teaching 2022-2024

Fall 2024: Topics in Mathematical Physics (Planned topics: K-theory, operator algebras, noncommutative geometry)

Spring 2024: Quantum Theory (Functional analysis, gauge theory, and quantum mechanics) (Course webpage and lecture notes)

Spring 2023: Differential Topology (Course webpage)

Fall 2022: Topics in Mathematical Physics (Course Webpage.)

Spring 2022: Differential Topology


Brief biography

Previously, I held postdoctoral and DECRA Research Fellow positions, funded by the Australian Research Council, and was based at the University of Adelaide.

My formal education was in mathematics and physics at the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and the National University of Singapore.

I also worked briefly as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS.



I am a mathematical physicist. My research interest revolves around K-theory, index theory, noncommutative geometry, operator algebras, and functional analysis, usually in the usually in the physical contexts of quantum systems such as topological-geometric phases of matter.

Currently, I am investigating the role of higher trace formulae in coarse geometry and index theory, for application in rigorously understanding "macroscopically quantized physics" (Lecture slides) , as dramatically manifested in the famous quantized Hall conductivity.

The latter is a profound experimental phenomenon which, since 2019, gives humanity the modern mass standard via macroscopic and robust access to Planck's constant.

See the Essay by the discoverer of the quantum Hall effect himself.



Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss research projects involving geometry, topology, analysis and physics.

BICMR has openings for doctoral and postdoctoral positions.


Notes for recent talks

  1. Quantum kilogram, large-scale index, quantum Hall effect [ Notes ]


  1. Fock space: A bridge between Fredholm index and the quantum Hall effect (with J. Xia) arXiv:2401.07449
  2. Index of Bargmann-Fock space and Landau levels arXiv:2401.06660
  3. Quantization of conductance and the coarse cohomology of partitions (with M. Ludewig) arXiv:2308.02819 [ Slides ]

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