Jun Yu

Associate Professor

Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research

Jingchunyuan Courtyard 78, Peking University
5 Yiheyuan Road

Office: 78402

Email: junyu@bicmr.pku.edu.cn

I am currently employed as associate professor at Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research in Peking University. Before it I was a postdoc in IAS (Jan. 2013-June 2014) and MIT (July 2014-June 2015). I obtained my Ph.D in mathematics from ETH Zurich, finished in December 2012.

Curriculum Vitae pdf

Research Interests Lie groups, representation theory, automorphic forms.


  1. A proof of CasselmanĄ¯s comparison theorem. Representation Theory 25 (2021), 994-1020.

  2. Acceptable compact Lie groups. Peking Mathematical Journal (2021).

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  6. Rational rigidity for F4(p). Adv. Math. 302 (2016), 48–58.

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  11. On the dimension datum of a subgroup and its application to isospectral manifolds. JDG 94 (2013), no. 1, 59-85.

  12. Existence of universal entangler. J. Math. Phys. 49 (2008), no. 1.


  1. A strong multiplicity one theorem for dimension data. Preprint, arXiv:2111.13343.

  2. The functorial source problem via dimension data. Preprint, arXiv:2111.13341.

  3. Restriction of irreducible unitary representations of Spin(N,1) to parabolic subgroups. Preprint, arXiv:2010.01026.

  4. A geometric interpretation of Kirillov’s conjecture. Preprint, arXiv:1806.06318.

  5. Twisted root systems of a (*)-subgroup. Preprint, arXiv:1805.06330.

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