2016 PKU Workshop On
Mathematics in Imaging Science and Data Analysis



August 3, 2016, Registration
August 4-5, 2016, Workshop


Lecture Hall, Jia Yi Bing Building, 82 Jing Chun Yuan, BICMR

Directions to BICMR

Organizing Committee:

  • Bin Dong, Peking University

  • Hongkai Zhao, UC Irvine & Peking University

Scientific Committee:

  • Weinan E, Princeton University & Peking University

  • Stanley Osher, UCLA

  • Zuowei Shen, NUS

  • Pingwen Zhang, Peking University


  • Beijing International Center For Mathematical Research, Peking University

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China

Invited Speakers:

  • Jian-Feng Cai, HKUST, Hong Kong, China

  • Bin Dong, PKU, China

  • Hui Ji, NUS, Singapore

  • Myungjoo Kang, Seoul National University, South Korea

  • Rongjie Lai, RPI, USA

  • Yifei Lou, UT Dallas, USA

  • Jean-Michel Morel, École Normale Supérieure de Cachan, France

  • Michael Ng, HKBU, Hong Kong, China

  • Stanley Osher, UCLA, USA

  • Zuowei Shen, NUS, Singapore

  • Xue-Cheng Tai, University of Bergen, Norway

  • Zaiwen Wen, PKU, China

  • Justin Wan, University of Waterloo, Canada

  • Yuan Yao, PKU, China

  • Wotao Yin, UCLA, USA

  • Xiaoqun Zhang, SJTU, China

  • Hongkai Zhao, UC Irvine, USA


August 3rd, Wednesday

Workshop registration:

  • 18:00-21:00, lobby of Global Village, Building 1 (中关新园1号楼大堂)

  • Whole day on August 4th, venue of the workshop

August 4th, Thursday

08:00-08:30: Opening Ceremony

  • 08:00-08:10: Welcome Address

  • 08:10-08:30: Group Photo

08:30-10:10: Session T1 (chair: Bin Dong)

  • 08:30-9:30: Stanley Osher, Overcoming the curse of dimensionality for certain Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ)equations arising in control theory and elsewhere

  • 09:30-10:10: Rongjie Lai, Solve Geometric PDEs on Manifolds Represented as Point Clouds and Applications

10:10-10:30: Coffee Break

10:30-12:00: Session T2 (chair: Bin Dong)

  • 10:30-11:10: Yifei Lou, The Difference of L1 and L2 for Compressive Sensing and Image Processing

  • 11:10-11:50: Myung-Joo Kang, Mathematical Approach for Defect Inspection: Image Processing and Deep Learning

12:00-13:30: Lunch

13:30-15:50: Session T3 (chair: Xiaoqun Zhang)

  • 13:30-14:30: Jean-Michel Morel, Image denoising: a fusion of two theories

  • 14:30-15:10: Hui Ji, Removing rain streaks from a single image via discriminative sparse coding

  • 15:10-15:50: Xuecheng Tai, Nonlocal graph TV for variational semi-supervised learning and clustering and fast algorithms

15:50-16:10: Coffee Break

16:10-17:40: Session T4 (chair: Jian-Feng Cai)

  • 16:10-17:10: Hongkai Zhao, Geometric understanding and analysis of unstructured data

  • 17:00-17:40, Xiaoqun Zhang, Redundancy and sparsity exploiting for Dynamic Image reconstruction and segmentation

18:30: Dinner

August 5th, Friday

09:00-10:40: Session F1 (chair: Zaiwen Wen)

  • 09:00-10:00: Zuowei Shen, Image Restoration: A Data-Driven Perspective

  • 10:00-10:40: Yuan Yao, Linearized Bregman Path Algorithms–Statistical Consistency and New Applications

10:40-11:00: Coffee Break

11:00-12:20: Session F2 (chair: Rongjie Lai)

  • 11:00-11:40: Zaiwen Wen, Semi-smooth Second-order methods for composite convex programs

  • 11:40-12:20: Wotao Yin, Coordinate Update Algorithms for Image Processing and Machine Learning

12:20-14:00: Lunch

14:00-16:00: Session F3 (chair: Yifei Lou)

  • 14:00-14:40: Michael Ng, Some Regularization Models for Data Classification

  • 14:40-15:20: Justin Wan, Unsupervised Cell Image Segmentation via RPCA and Spectral Clustering

  • 15:20-16:00: Jian-Feng Cai, Fast and Provable Algorithms for Spectrally Sparse Signal Reconstruction via Low-Rank Hankel Matrix Completion

16:00-16:20: Coffee Break

16:20-18:00: Session F4 (chair: Hongkai Zhao)

  • 16:20-17:00: Bin Dong, Sparse approximation: from image restoration to high dimensional classification

18:15: Dinner

Accommodation and Travel Information:

  • BICMR will accommodate all speakers. A block of rooms is being held at the “Zhong Guan Xin Yuan (中关新园)” (Building Number 1) Hotel for the nights of August 3, through August 5. The hotel is across the street of Peking University Campus, about 10 minutes’ walk from BICMR. If you plan to have an extended stay, please inform Ms. Yiwei Li (liyiwei@math.pku.edu.cn) so that she can help you arrange hotels.

  • Other participants are responsible for arranging and paying for their own reservations for hotel accommodations. We recommend Zhong Guan Xin Yuan, since it is close to the venue of the workshop.


Registration closed.