Yibo Gao

Pokémon Go

I enjoy Pokémon Go as a casual game that lets you explore the city, send postcards and trade with friends, take AR photos with your Pokémon, and do raid battles with a local community. The concept is awesome. I also play Pokémon Go competitively, under my in-game name Conglaser.

Regional Championships

I won the bronze medal (3rd place) in the San Diego Regional Championship in Jan 2023. You can check out some footage here. The hype is real!

Screenshot taken from live stream
Source: GOStadiumPvP
Screenshot taken from GOStadiumPvP
Go Battle League

I started playing GBL in Season 3 and have achieved Legend rank ever since. I have made the top page of the global leaderboard (top 50) a few times, with a peak ranking of #10 in season 10, and #11 in season 12, and a peak rating of 3602 in season 12.

Silph Arena

I do not play Silph competitively, but I do participate in Silph Factions as a member of Aquatail Hungerforce thanks to the hospitality of Plusnull and NNNNino468.

Anime / Piano

I started playing the piano in primary school and passed the highest amateur level of the Central Conservatory of Music (one of the most prestigious music institutes in China) at the age of 12. However, I almost stopped playing in middle school, high school and college. I only began to enjoy playing the piano as a hobby very recently, when I played some of my favorite anime songs. I am a long time anime fan. My favorite genres are shounen and mystery, and my childhood favorite is Digimon.

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I enjoyed chess a lot and practiced primarily before the age 11. My chess.com rating is 2000~2100. I don’t play much these days but I still follow the news.