Seminar on alteration and resolution

This semester we will have a learning seminar on alteration and resolution of singularities, which is also a class project for students in the class Algebraic geometry II.

If you are interested in giving a talk, send me an email.

The seminar takes place on Thursdays, 10:10-12:00, Room 77201, BICMR.

Everyone is welcome, but registration is required for logistic purpose. Fill the registration form by May 9th for the second part of the lectures.


Mar. 23 Wei YANG Alteration I (1)
Mar. 30 Wei YANG Alteration II (1)
Apr. 6TBA Resolution via Alteration (1).7
Apr. 13TBA Gabber's refinement (4)
May 11TBA Resolution I: introduction (5).1-3
May 18 TBA Resolution II (5).4-6
May 25 TBA Resolution III (5).7-9
June 1 TBA Resolution IV (5).10-13
June 8? TBA Canonical Resolution, etc. (6)


(1). Alterations and resolution of singularities, by Dan Abramovich, Frans Oort

(2). Smoothness, semi-stability and alterations, by A.J. de Jong

(3). Families of curves and alterations, by A.J. de Jong

(4). Gabber’s modification theorem (log smooth case), by Luc Illusie and Michael Temkin

(5). Resolution of Singularities – Seattle Lecture, by János Kollár

(6). Relative and logarithmic resolution of singularities, by Michael Temkin