I do research in algebraic geometry. From the titles of my publications, you can see clearly that the majority of my work studies rationally connected varieties, their geometry, topology, and arithmetic. For me, the subject itself is a real gem, true love of the heart. If you would like to get a rough idea of subject, I recommend two excellent surveys by the Master on low degree polynomials and the simplest algebraic varieties. Sometimes I talk to other people and work on different subjects as well.



  • (With János Kollár) Stable maps of curves and algebraic equivalence of 1-cycles, arXiv

  • Local-global principle and integral Tate conjecture for certain varieties, arXiv.

  • Zero cycles on rationally connected varieties over Laurent fields, arXiv.

  • (with Jason Starr) All smooth low degree complete intersections are rationally simply connected, available upon request.

  • (with Jason Starr) Separable rational connectedness and weak approximation in positive characteristic. arXiv

  • Towards the symplectic Grabber-Harris-Starr theorems, arXiv.

  • (with Lie Fu) Motivic hyperhahler resolution conjecture for Hilbert scheme of K3 surfaces, availabe on Lie's webpage.

Journal articles

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