Recent Talks

  • A Unified Primal-Dual Algorithm Framework for Inequality Constrained Problems, (pdf)

  • Efficient Algorithms For Low-rank Matrix Optimization (pdf)

  • Second-Order Type Optimization Algorithms For Machine Learning (pdf)

  • 机器学习中的优化算法与分析选讲 (pdf)

  • A Brief Introduction to Manifold Optimization (pdf)

  • Second-Order Type Optimization Methods For Data Analysis (pdf)

  • Algorithms for Eigenvalue Optimization (pdf)

  • Low-rank factorization models for matrix completion and matrix separation (pdf)
    Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA, Oct 5, 2010 SIAM Conference on Image Science, San Diego, July, 2008

  • Line search multigrid methods for large-scale unconstrained nonconvex optimization (pdf)
    SIAM Conference on Optimization, Boston, May 2008